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Maximo Invoice Transactions Created With Wrong LINECOST Values ..

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Maximo Invoice Transactions Created With Wrong LINECOST Values ..



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Recently I came across an interesting issue for the Receiving Application, where the invoice transactions are created with incorrect linecost values.

Following steps have been used to reproduce the issue:

Step 1. Go to Purchasing > Purchasing Orders > Create new purchase order "1129".  Save the record.

Step 2. Click PO Line tab and order material with Unit Cost 0 and approve the PO.

Step 3. Go to Purchasing > Receiving > Receive the ordered material.

Step 4. Go to Purchasing > Invoice > Create invoice "1082" for PO "1129".

Step 5. Go to Purchasing > Receiving > Select Items for Return.

Step 6. Go to Purchasing > Purchasing Order's "1129" > Select Action Revise PO "1129" and confirm message BMXAA8060W with “Yes”.

Step 7. Click PO Line Tab > Insert real cost (i.e. 100) into Unit Cost, save and approve PO.

Step 8. Go to Purchasing > Receiving > Receive the ordered material again.

Step 9. Go to Purchasing > Invoice "1082" > Invoice Lines > update Unit Cost: 100.00.  Save and approve the invoice.

Step 10. Check Received Cost in Receiving application > Go to Purchasing > Receiving > PO "1129"

Cost in PO: 100
Cost in Invoice: 100
Received Cost: 200

The Received Cost shows 200.00.

Resolving the problem:

The user should be using the Void Receipts functionality rather than returning.  For the above it seems like it is not actually performing additional transactions where an item is returned and then repurchased for a different price.  

Instead of using the "Select Items for Return" button, you should use the "Select Receipts to Void" option.  Please note that if a PO Line has already been added to an Invoice, it will not appear on the Receipts to Void dialog, but will reappear there once the Invoice Line has been deleted.  Using the correct button should resolve this problem.

Thanks for reading, be sure to look out for my next installment. 

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