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Changing the date to "day of the week" format in Maximo

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Changing the date to "day of the week" format in Maximo


I recently had a request from a client on how to change the date format in Maximo to the "day of the week" format.  So I thought I would write this blog

to share how that can be done and go over the logic on how date formats are displayed in Maximo .


The Display Date format will be decided in the following order: 

1. According to the setting.DISPLAYDATE value in the System Properties application

Goto System Configuration/ Platform Configuration/ System Properties and look for the setting.DISPLAYDATE property.  The default value is blank. 


2. According to the Maximo user's Locale setting in their Profile. 

With the user logged into Maximo, on the top navigation bar if you click on the Profile icon / Default information you will see the Locale field near the bottom of the page.  Once again the default is blank. Selecting a locale will cause the date to be formatted as per the country selected.


3. According to the client machine's JVM default locale.

For example, open IE/Tools/Internet Options / Language


A common value for the setting.DISPLAYDATE property is dd/MM/yyyy which displays dates in a common format in North America.



In order to change the date to display in the day of the week format you will need to change your display.SETTINGS property to "EEEE, dd/MM/yyyy" and do a Live Refresh on the property to activate the change.


The dates will then display with the day of the week first.


Thanks for reading - I hope this was useful.



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