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Running the Asset Cost Rollup report in Maximo 7.5

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Running the Asset Cost Rollup report in Maximo 7.5


Recently a client contact presented an issue regarding running above report which was timing out (with stuck threads listed in logs) as it was very large. This was later revealed to be due to never running the report in all the years the client has had Maximo installed.

The business partner working on behalf of the client, devised a method to avoid time out's by using a where clause and also to run the report in chunks rather than the whole period. This limits the number of assets we run the report for and reduces the run time. However, the business partner consultant was concerned what the impact would be if they allow the "Use Where Clause" option on the report.

Using a where clause from the Asset application within Maximo should not cause any conflicts.


The Maintenance Cost Rollup report takes the subset of data filtered on the Asset application OR all records if nothing is filtered and executes the query to find any assets in that block of data that has transaction costs that have yet to be rolled up on previous executions.  Once a data set is established, each Asset is taken individually and the hierarchy is established starting with the Asset and rolling the costs up to each parent in the entire hierarchy.

Each subsequent report execution would look to do the same adding onto YTD costs for parents that may have children that have incurred additional transaction costs since the previous report execution.


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