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What is Maximo ACMs CM Items(CM) application about?

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What is Maximo ACMs CM Items(CM) application about?


My name is Edgar Mengelberg and I have been working with the Maximo and TPAE product suite in various Support roles for over 15 years.


Maximo Asset Configuration Manager (ACM) was originally developed to be used in the Aviation industry.

This was because the aviation industry deals with complex components that have many sub parts and strict regulations.

This leads to maintenance processes that need to be carefully planned and executed.

While Maximo Base Services or TPAE can handle these tasks, ACM has specific functionalities that make the work easier for the users.

The component hierarchy visualization, the capability to build an abstract component hierarchy which can generate many assets, the ability to control each component alone and within the hierarchy are just some of the specific ACM features.

ACM supports industry-specific regulatory compliances such as FAA,JAA,FDA,NRC,DOT and many more.


One of it's widely used applications is CM Items (CM).


What is it?
-In Maximo ACM, CM Item is used to refer to the Part Number instance in the CM Item Master catalog.
The CM Item Master catalog is closely related to Maximo's Item Master, but the two terms are not interchangeable.


You use the Models (CM) app to define the structure and configuration rules for a configuration-managed assembly. It is where the logical or could build version is created and maintained.
The Maximo ACM system is centered on the configuration management of models. A model represents the most general organizational definition of a hierarchy of components.
A Model is composed of various Build Items (Positions) and in each Build Item the actual item (CM Item) can be installed.
A build item represents a group of CM items with the same form, fit or function. Every build item is associated with a build position. You can install any CM Item for a build item into the corresponding build position.
A model can also have configurations, these have 2 components:
1.Variation – a version of the base configuration tailored for a specific design or equipment list, or role/mission.
2.Revision – a linear snapshot of the model's configuration over time.


Use Cases
-Maintain a catalog of all the items (part numbers) that will be used/controlled inside Maximo ACM.

-Define the structure and the configuration rules for all the configuration-managed assembly of the company's assets.


Business Value
-Accurate tracking of any item over time.
-Change the part number of an existing asset.
-Create temporary and locally tracked items.

Companies who have many complex assets that relate to the same configuration will have to enter these complex configurations only once and then will also have a central point of control for them.
The possibility to manage reference and operational data with the ability to validate one against the other. (BDI)


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