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Maximo and Kanban? Who knew!

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Maximo and Kanban? Who knew!


With the first release of work centers back in back in May, customers might have noticed the new Work Supervision work center. The work supervision center is a departure in the UX of Maximo. We adopted and adapted the Kanban board approach to help drive efficiencies for our work supervisor users.



We think the Kanban approach will work for our Supervisors for three major reasons:


  1. The Kanban method is intuitive and easily embraced.
  2. Kanban boards create a picture of work; the visual display makes it quicker and easier to understand status and progress. These visual details are displayed in a single place, minimizing the time spent tracking down progress reports or sitting in status update meetings. 
  3. Kanban boards help supervisors contextualize work, see how their team’s work flows, and gather the metrics that supervisors need to measure and improve.

Of course, we will continue to try and refine this approach to ensure that it makes sense for customers and users!. Watch this space in 2017!







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