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Personalizing Default and Visible Start Center Tabs on Maximo v7.1

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Personalizing Default and Visible Start Center Tabs on Maximo v7.1


Personalizing Start Center tabs for visible and default tabs is an improvement presented on version 7.5. Yet, with a simple xml customization same result can be achieved on version 7.1.

Start Center Tabs are based on security groups, so it is an issue to personalize them for different users in same or different security groups in v7.1. System admins try to overcome this issue by duplicating security groups and start center templates and assigning different templates as default.

The pop-up following the path Profile -> Personal Information from Start Center is a good location for authorizing the users for Start Center options.






























This pop-up is defined in LIBRARY.xml and with a little extension all users will have the rights to choose which tabs should be visible on their Start Center and which will be the default tab among them.

Following the path System Configuration -> Platform Configuration -> Application Designer under Go To menu, LIBRARY.xml is exported using the Select Action option Export System XMLs. After saving to local and taking a backup copy, we open LIBRARY.xml with a text editor and search for the dialog with id equals profilepersonal:

<dialog beanclass="psdi.webclient.beans.common.MyProfileBean" id="profilepersonal" label="Personal Information" mboname="PERSON" savemode="ONUNLOAD">

This dialog is based on PERSON object, but we need to access SCCONFIG object since it holds the information on user, group and template relations. Hence, using Database Configuration application we create a relation named PERSON2SC from PERSON to SCCONFIG as follows:












We will use this relationship in our custom extension to profilepersonal dialog within LIBRARY.xml which can be seen below:

<sectionrow id="myProfilePersonalInfo_1_row7">
    <sectioncol id="myProfilePersonalInfo_1_row7_1">
        <section border="true" id="myProfilePersonalInfo_1_row7_1_1" label="Personalize Start Center">
            <table id="129247936202511" label="Start Center Information" relationship="PERSON2SC">
                <tablebody id="129247936203611">
                    <tablecol dataattribute="DESCRIPTION" id="129542813812611" inputmode="READONLY" label="Start Center Tab Name"/>
                    <tablecol dataattribute="DISPLAY" id="129247936205211" label="Select Visible Tabs"/>
                    <tablecol dataattribute="ISDEFAULT" id="129247936206011" label="Select Primary Tab"/>
                <tabledetails id="129247936206811"/>

We will add this section row at the end of the existing section rows, save LIBRARY.xml file and import it back in the system. Here is the result:


[{"Business Unit":{"code":"BU005","label":"IoT"}, "Product":{"code":"SSLKT6","label":"Maximo Asset Management"},"Component":"","Platform":[{"code":"PF025","label":"Platform Independent"}],"Version":"","Edition":""}]