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HOW TO: Remove or Uninstall additional language in Maximo

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HOW TO: Remove or Uninstall additional language in Maximo


Ever wonder how to remove a secondary or an additional language in Maximo? Today's your lucky day as I will walk you through on how you can do it in this blog entry.


First of all, there is no functionality of TDToolkit that will remove a secondary language. Therefore we will be doing this activity in the back-end, direct to your database.


We can start by viewing your available languages in your database. To view all your installed additional languages, run the following query against your database:

select languagename, maxlangcode from language where enabled = 1;

*This will list ALL languages including the base language.








If you are not sure what your base language is, run the following query:
select varvalue from maxvars where varname = 'BASELANGUAGE';







Once you know the language code for the language you want to remove, run the following SQL command against your database.

update language set enabled = 0 where maxlangcode = 'DE';

*Replace the DE with the code of the language you want to remove.

*This will disable the language but it will not remove the actual translation.


If you want to remove the actual translation in the database, continue on following the instructions below:


1) Run the following command and replace the DE with your language code.
select 'delete from ' || langtablename || ' where langcode = ''DE'';' from maxtable where langtablename is not null;


2) Run the output from the SQL in step 1 separately, SQLServer might need some tweaking to work if the table names are case sensitive.

3) Finally remove the language from the table used to keep track of versions:
delete from tdtversion where language = 'DE';

*This will remove the actual translation from the database.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Keep in mind that the MXServer needs to be restarted after either the disabling or the removal of an additional language. Make sure you do not disable the Base Language.

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