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New features in Maximo for Aviation 7.6.5

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New features in Maximo for Aviation 7.6.5


New features and capabilities in Maximo® for Aviation 7.6.5 deliver enhancements in engineering, technical publication management, maintenance program management, aircraft and equipment management, procurement, and shipment management.


Manage quantities of serialized equipment in a build position

You can now add, remove, and edit quantities of serialized equipment in a single build position. You can also specify the minimum, maximum, and default quantity for a build position. Learn more about build positions.


Define a shelf life for pieces of equipment

You can define and manage the shelf life of pieces of equipment so that the correct maintenance and inspection tasks are completed when the piece of equipment is on the shelf in a serviceable storeroom. Learn more about shelf life.


Temporarily extend task cards

In the new Task Card Extensions application, you can specify a temporary extension for a task card and maintain regulatory compliance. When a task card is extended, the date or meter reading that marks when the task card is due is extended by an amount that you specify. You can indicate whether the extension is added to or subtracted from the next due point that is after the task is completed. Learn more about task card extensions.


Reduce costs and maintenance time by projecting aircraft use

Enhancements to the Aircraft application and the Equipment application mean that you can now project meter counts, flight cycles, or flight hours for an aircraft so that you can more accurately plan scheduled maintenance. Projections are automatically generated based on a date that you specify, and you can view the amount of time or meter units that remain until the projection is true. Learn more about aircraft maintenance.


Refined process for purchase order and work order revision

When a piece of equipment is sent to a vendor for repair or enhancement, if the piece of equipment cannot be repaired or cannot comply with regulations and is replaced with a new piece of equipment, the part number can be manually or automatically updated during the receiving process. You can view the original part number and the superseding part number on the work order record, the equipment record, and the purchase order record. Learn more about purchase orders.


Indicate the condition of a part

You can indicate whether a part or piece of equipment that is sent to the vendor for repair or exchange is determined to be without fault by the vendor. You can also specify a condition code for received parts or pieces of equipment. Learn more about the no fault found functionality.


Apply custom business rules to the inspection of transferred parts

Enhancements to the Storeroom application mean that you can ensure the custom business rules and regulations of your organization are applied before a part is sent or received by your organization. You can indicate that a part is inspected when it is transferred between storerooms. Learn more about inspecting parts.


Depreciation schedules and owners are automatically swapped and assigned

The depreciation schedule and owner of a part is automatically assigned or swapped when the part is sent or received.


Determine the lowest price for a part or tool

Enhancements to the Purchase Contracts application, the Part Number Master application, and the Tools application mean that you can specify cost ranges for parts or tools as determined by the quantity or unit price of the part or tool. You can use the cost ranges to determine the cheapest option for ordering a part or tool. Learn more about cost ranges.


Streamlined shipment process

Shipment requests or shipment records for repaired, loaned, leased, exchanged, or bought parts or tools that are returned to the vendor are automatically created when the return process begins. Learn more about the shipment process.


For more information about Maximo for Aviation 7.6.5, visit the IBM Knowledge Center.

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