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New features in Maximo Asset Configuration Manager 7.6.5

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New features in Maximo Asset Configuration Manager 7.6.5


New features and capabilities in Maximo® Asset Configuration Manager 7.6.5 help your organization achieve greater efficiency in asset management.


Temporarily extend preventive maintenance

By using the new PM Extensions application, you can specify a temporary extension for a PM record and maintain regulatory compliance. When a PM record is extended, the date or meter reading that marks when the PM is due is moved forward by an amount that you specify so that more time is allowed to complete the requirements of the PM. An extension applies to one interval per PM so that during the following intervals, work can continue as originally scheduled. Learn more about the PM Extensions application.


Manage quantities of serialized assets in a build position

You can now add, remove, and edit quantities of serialized assets in a single build position. You can also specify the minimum, maximum, and default quantity for a build position. Learn more about build positions.


Manage the timing of inspection

You can complete whichever occurs last (WOL) management for a group of maintenance plans to specify that inspection automatically begins after whichever maintenance plan is completed last Learn more about preventive maintenance.


Customize default statuses for assets

Enhancements in the Organizations application mean that you can now customize the default and available statuses for assets. Learn more about assets.

More info:

For more information about Maximo Asset Configuration Manager version 7.6.5, visit the IBM Knowledge Center.
A download document provides describes where to download Maximo Asset Configuration Manager version 7.6.5. 


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