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.MSG File Type in Maximo

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.MSG File Type in Maximo


The question of whether .msg file type is printable from any Maximo application has been raised in the past, more than once. This file type is only, currently, viewable by MS OUTLOOK(mainly used as an email application), and if the user does not have this application installed, they won't be able to open and view .msg file type.

The expectation for this file type is to be able to attach, view and print successfully from Maximo application. However, this is a misconception when it comes to this particular file type. After further investigation, it was confirmed with Maximo Development that this file type will attach to a record in Maximo, but it is not supported for print directly from Maximo.

The .msg attachments will still be opened and viewed. Outlook application must be installed on the client workstation that will open .msg attachment type(after it was attached to a record in Maximo).  The user should be able to be print the file from the application that it gets opened in. In this case, since MS Outlook opens it, it will print it. The user will not, however, be able to do direct print .msg files from Maximo application.

If the user wishes to be able to take advantage of Direct Print with Attachments(PWA) capability in Maximo, the .msg file type can be successfully converted to .pdf and .pdf file type is supported for PWA in Maximo.

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