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Comparison between moving Rotating Assets from Storeroom to SALVAGE location vs moving Rotating Asset to Repair Facility

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Comparison between moving Rotating Assets from Storeroom to SALVAGE location vs moving Rotating Asset to Repair Facility


This entry does not provide a detailed step-by-step but the intention is to give an idea of the applications involved in each scenario.


Moving a Rotating Asset from a Storeroom to a 'Salvage' locaiton

Using Move/Modify Asset and Issue Current Item from within Inventory application does not accomplish this, neither does the Move/Modify Asset from within the Assets application

In order to accomplish the successful move, there is a two-step process. You will use the Inventory Usage application to ISSUE the asset from the Storeroom location to ANY OPERATING location, followed by the Assets application where you will use the Move/Modify action to move the asset to the SALVAGE locaiton


Moving a Rotating Asset to a Repair Facility and receiving the repaired asset

To accomplish this move you will need to enable Repair Facility in the Organizations application, from the "Select Action" menu select "Work Order Options", "Other Organization" options, and then check the "Enable Repair
Facilities" check-box.

You will then use the Inventory Usage application to issue the asset to a repair location

Next the Work Order tracking application is used to track the work being carried out on the asset. Create a work order specifying the Reapir Facility Location and Site

At this time the work has been performed and we want to record the cost of the services performed on the asset. So the Purchase Order application will be used to create the purchase order to track any repair services.

This allows for the next step, the receipt of the asset on completion of the repairs, which is done via the Receiving application.

It is now necessary to complete the work order in the Work Order Tracking application in order to record the repair cost on the Actuals tab of the work order.

Lastly, we will now use the Assets application's Move/Modify function to move the asset into the desired storeroom


If there is any scenario you have questions about or need to achieve, please submit a PMR and an IBM analyst will be more than happy to work through your scenario to determine how to achieve the desired result

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