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Filtering "Parent" field in summary tab in Asset Configuration Manager 7.5.x & 7.6.X

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Filtering "Parent" field in summary tab in Asset Configuration Manager 7.5.x & 7.6.X


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The filters in the ASSET (CM) applications are inoperable in "Summary" tab.




1. Go to Asset (CM)-->select ASSET1207A --> click on View tab -->scroll down --> click on Summary tab --> click Filter --> In Parent field


2. Enter 1207A and press ENTER


Maximo doesn't filter the record, clear the records and press ENTER again, Maximo shows "There are no rows to display". Maximo doesn't bring up the list of previous records.



In Maximo, we have persistent objects, which are objects that have their data physically stored in the database. We also have non-persistent objects, that are objects set through some internal requests.

When the object is non-persistent, Maximo is not able filter it (the values it brings up are already a set of filtered information's according to the request).

On the Summary tab, the object that we see is set through a relationship – PLUSASAINDIRECT (you can check the relationship by searching for id="readings_summary_table" in the plusaasset.xml file and checking the value of the relationship tag).








If you run the following query, you will notice that this object is non-persistent (0 means false, 1 means true):


select objectname, persistent from maxobjectcfg where objectname='PLUSASAINDIRECT';







In Database Configuration --> Object --> PLUSASAINDIRECT




Summary: You cannot make Maximo filter a non-persistent object, so this filter should have never been there.

We will make sure the filter is removed all together to avoid any confusion for users.


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