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Select Failure Codes not displaying in alphabetical order

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Select Failure Codes not displaying in alphabetical order


Some Maximo users have noticed that when you initially pull up your list of Failure Codes in the Work Order Tracking application, that the Failure Codes display in a random order and are not sorted.  To see this pull up a work order, click on the Failure Reporting tab, and then click on "Select Failure Codes".  What you see will look something like this:



You can get it to sort by the failure code by clicking on the "Failure Code" column header, but some users would prefer that by default the values appear sorted immediately after you click on the "Select Failure Code" option.  In order to get this to work this way you will need to make a small change to the xml.  The code to display that dialog is contained in the Library.xml file. You will need to add an orderby clause to the xml to change the default display order.  The code below shows the modified xml with the added orderby  clause.                                                   
id="wolistfailurecodes" label="Select Failure Codes">                 
        <table id="failurecodes_failure_codes" label="Failure Codes"  
width="700" orderby="failurecode asc">                                
From Application Designer export your library.xml and save it to your desk top, add the orderby clause, save your changes, and then import the library.xml back into Maximo via Application Designer.  Then log out and back in and the failure codes will display by default
in ascending order by failure code.  Please make a copy of your library.xml before making your changes.



  Once you have done this the failure codes will show in sorted order immediately after clicking on "Select Failure Codes".  I hope this was helpful.                                                

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