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BiLog: New Maximo Work Center FAQs

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BiLog: New Maximo Work Center FAQs



Have you heard....the latest?    Starting in IBM’s Maximo Asset Management release, a new user interface is available with Work Centers where you can access, view and complete daily tasks.  The innovative new interface enables you to access the Work Centers on any device – including desktops, notebooks, tablets or smart phones. 


And the work centers are available to all Maximo clients – with no additional licensing fees!

Work centers are currently available for the Maximo roles of Supervisor, Technician, Self Service Requestor and my favorite…the Business Analyst!


Interested?  Have questions?  Check out the list of FAQs on the work center below


Q: Will Work Centers replace the existing Maximo UI?

A: No, This will not immediately be a replacement for the current Maximo UI, over time more and more work centers covering additional roles and capabilities will be made available with the intent that a user will only have a single way of interacting with Maximo.


Q: Do I have to use the new Work Centers or can I use the existing Maximo UI?

A: The utilization of the new Work Centers are optional.  You could set up the Work Centers for a particular set of users or security groups that fit the role and capabilities of the work centers.   Users can use both the new Work Centers and the existing UI interchangeably.


Q:  What is the timeline for when these Work Centers will be made available?

A:  The first deliverable was June 2016, with additional Work Centers and capabilities delivered with 7.6.x feature packs over time.


Q: Will the Work Centers be available on Maximo 7.5?

A: No, this functionality will not be back ported to Maximo 7.5.x


Q: Are these new Start Centers?

A: No, These are more than Start Centers, these Work Centers will be informative and interactive and provide end-users with all of the actions and functions they need to perform their day-to-day work in Maximo.


Q:  What is the technology that is being used for the Work Centers?

A:  There are elements of Google Polymer and HTML5 that are part of the technology stack.


Q: Will the Work Centers be configurable?

A: Yes, the intent is that both administrators and end users will have configuration options for the Work Centers. The current releases do not contain automated configuration tools like application designer, however, the continuous delivery model of Maximo is intended to build on that functionality.  


Q:  Is this replacing the current Maximo Anywhere mobile solution?

A:  No, Work Centers are responsive and for users of desktops and connected devices and do not replace the current investment in Maximo Anywhere mobile applications.


Q:  Will I have to pay for these new Work Centers?

A:  Neither the Work Centers or the integration to Watson Analytics will cost anything, they are a part of core Maximo.  However, to use Watson Analytics a subscription is required. 


Q:  If I move users from Maximo Classic to the new Work Centers - do I need additional hardware?

A:  No.  If users are moved from Maximo Classic to the new Work Centers, no additional hardware is required.   


More details can be found by watching  video recordings of the new work centers or accessing additional information on these wiki pages.




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