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Introducing IBM Support Value Add Offerings for Maximo

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Introducing IBM Support Value Add Offerings for Maximo


Introducing IBM Support Value Add Offerings for Maximo

Support Value Add Offerings are designed to give you, our client, a short burst of custom technical advice that you may require for short periods of time but are difficult for IBM to fulfill today in a manner that is easy to purchase and consume. The help may relate to upgrades, initial deployments, configuration, or general enablement.


The scope of these are generally beyond that of base level support, but not sufficiently long or complex to merit a SOW-based Lab Services transaction.  Support Value Add Offerings for Maximo provide tactical advice from a Maximo Support Subject Matter Expert that works alongside you remotely to supplement your team during a critical project period to help sustain and improve your solution success.  


This is important because it means we are fulfilling a need for which it is difficult to find a solution today AND IBM is executing in a new way to accommodate your needs.  As a result, we can provide you with additional assistance leading to a more optimal use of your Maximo solution, less disruption, and increase your confidence in us as your vendor of choice. 

Examples of use for your Maximo Environment:

  • Knowledge transfer on a specific area of Maximo to help users get up to speed quickly
  • Short burst of dedicated assistance with install/config/upgrade of Maximo or Maximo Industry Solutions and Add Ons (Spatial, Anywhere, Scheduler, etc)
  • System review
  • Assistance with custom reports
  • Assistance with building your workflows
  • And anything else that is beyond the scope of normal support where you are looking for short-term dedicated assistance with IBM Maximo products from an IBM Maximo Support subject matter expert.  

IBM Support Value Add Offerings for Maximo are sold in 8 hour blocks for US$2,000.  You are purchasing increments of 8 hr blocks of time with one Maximo Support SME and not for a specific deliverable like you might have with an SOW-based Lab Services transaction. We have the flexibility to schedule one block over a few days or up to 8hrs all at once.  Reach out to us to discuss your needs with one of the Maximo Support Managers, we look forward to the opportunity to discuss how IBM Support Value Add Offerings for Maximo can help you be successful with your Maximo investment.

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