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New Maximo releases in May 2017

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New Maximo releases in May 2017


Announcing New Maximo Offerings

Have you seen all the new releases for Maximo that were announced the week ending May 19?  There is a new feature pack for Maximo, new versions of Scheduler and Scheduler Plus 7.6.5, the next mobile release – Maximo Anywhere 7.6.2, and Maximo Asset Health Insights!

These were all made available for Saas as of May 16 and on prem May 19th.  

  • Maximo – you will see new exciting enhancements around budget tracking, the next work center new UX based applications for building Inspection forms and executing them, as well as several user requested enhancements.   A clear notification is now shown when a user is in ‘Admin’ mode…as well as a new TimeZone Configuration application that allows users to specify the rules around determining dates and times across records. also brings the latest in platform certifications with Windows Server 2016, SqlServer 2016 and Oracle EBS 12.2.6.   

Budget Tracking – with a new application users can specify a budget based on a financial period or specify a date range, for example a fiscal year or a quarter.  They then have options on associating ‘axis points’ to that budget…whether they are tracking costs against a Location, Asset, GL account, GL segment, or they can be user defined.   After determining what will drive the tracking, users can identify what kinds of transactions will impact estimated, committed and actual budget costs.   There are 64 rules provided to determine how transactions are considered against the budget.   Once established and approved, these budgets can be used to drive reporting that can help make better decisions across the organization.

Starting with new work centers have been released for Technicians, Supervisors, Business Analysts, more recently Service Requestors. now offers support for Inspection processes.   An Inspection form can be created that becomes the framework for the steps needed to be performed during an inspection, defining the kinds of questions and responses that need to be captured, and is managed with a status like other Maximo documents.   Once active, these Inspections can be executed and data easily captured in the field.


  • Updates to Maximo Scheduler include:

Enabling more flexible views, there are now ways to bring in craft/labor counts to support a more generic estimating exercise. 

Faster running optimization models that now support multi-skill labor and improved error reporting. Additionally, the optimization engine has been upgraded to IBM iLog DOC 3.9.


  • Updates to Maximo Scheduler Plus include:

A new application “Graphical Scheduling - Large Projects” that enables users to view and manage large volumes of work through the use of paging.  This application caters to planners and schedulers responsible for managing large projects like plant shutdowns and turnarounds.

Enhancements to the Graphical Scheduling application to now support full critical path methodologies with filters to highlight critical path items. 

Users can also track the progress of an individual work order or a project via the percentage complete capability.

The ability to auto refresh - so as work orders are updated, the labor/crew routes are automatically refreshed to reflect the latest information. Dispatchers can also re-optimize the remainder of the day/week to accommodate new emergent work.

Support for confirmation, cancellation, or reschedule of a customer appointment via email communication.

Visual indications of weather alerts effecting work orders are shown in Graphical Scheduling, Graphical Assignment, and Graphical Appointment Book applications with tool tip details on perils and the applicable timeframe. This capability requires a subscription to the IBM Weather Company Alerts for Worker Safety offering.


  • Maximo Anywhere has an improved work execution application and now offers offline map capabilities that can be configured through the map manager application to store local ESRI maps on the Anywhere mobile application allowing users to have access to critical information needed to perform their daily tasks.


  • Maximo Asset Health Insights – Now offering the ability to analyze the effectiveness of preventive maintenance programs, investigate failure incidents through root cause analysis, the ability to develop capital plan requirements using asset health information, as well as new factors that introduces additional flexibility in the creation of formulas.     In addition, there is an integration available for PMQ that can publish predicted failure dates directly into Asset Health Insights.   Be on the lookout for information on the detailed webinar that will be held on June 2.



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