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In Anywhere 7.6 does a photo taken from an iOS device get compressed?

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In Anywhere 7.6 does a photo taken from an iOS device get compressed?


Recently a customer reviewed the following forum post and had some additional questions on the subject.

StackOverflow post:
 Maximo Anywhere 7.5.2 Image Compress issue

I am working on Work Execution app. How to compress the image size before saving the attachment
since the attachment size limited to max 10MB.

Dev posted answer:
"We have an iFix available that can be requested that will shrink this file size of the default attachment on iOS.

The fix is specifically for iOS where the file size is too large by default.

We haven't seen any issue with Android and Windows devices on this. They tend to respect our original "quality" setting and keep their file size relatively small. If you see any issues with Android/Windows please open a PMR. Please open a PMR."

The customer referenced the above post recently and his additional questions were further answered by our development team:


Question: In Maximo Anywhere 7.6 does a photo taken from an iOS device get compressed?

Answer : Yes.


Question: When a user takes a photo on an iOS device, does it compresses the image file size before uploading to Maximo/MobileFirst?  I had read that Anywhere Apps is unable to modify the set resolution of the camera settings but do you have anymore information for example on typically compression ratio?

Answer :  We take low resolution image picture and we do this, with cordova api, passing parameters, which reduce overall images size by 50%, before uploading to Maximo.   Quality of the saved image, expressed as a range of 0-100, where 100 is typically full resolution with no loss from file compression.

See more details at:



Question: Is the photo stored on the device the image before or after compression? Or does it only send a compressed version of the image to Maximo?

Answer : We store it same way we take it and send it to Maximo.

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