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Installing a MobileFirst Interim Fix? Don't forget to sync up Maximo Anywhere as well.

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Installing a MobileFirst Interim Fix? Don't forget to sync up Maximo Anywhere as well.


It's been awhile since my last blog on Maximo Anywhere but this latest topic has come up a few times and I wanted to share some information on what is required if you are updating your MobileFirst application with an interim fix.  As some of you may of run in to there are situations which may require you to update your MobileFirst application with a later interim fix,  what you may not know is that Maximo Anywhere uses specific MobileFirst libraries during it's build and if you do not ensure they are updated as well you may end up with some undesired results. 


One of the main issues is when your run time is built using older versions of the libraries then the MobileFirst server, it will cause a migration to happen.  During this migration some information may be stripped out of the war file,  such as the attachment servlet.   When your war is migrating from one version to another during the deploy you will be able to see a message similar to the following in your MobileFirst Server Configuration Tool.


[updateapplicationserver] ** Creating migrated war file
[updateapplicationserver] Building war: C:\Users\ADMINI~1\AppData\Local\Temp\2\wla5368192619\MaximoAnywhere.war
[updateapplicationserver] Jun 12, 2017 3:37:37 PM com.worklight.ant.migration.MigrationTask MigrationTask.execute
[updateapplicationserver] INFO: FWLST2017I: The project WAR file was successfully migrated from version to version The migrated project WAR file is located in 'C:\Users\ADMINI~1\AppData\Local\Temp\2\wla5368192619\MaximoAnywhere.war'.
[updateapplicationserver] ** Created migrated war file


This is only one issue, but you may see instances where your issues are not fixed or addressed by the latest interim fix as well. 


So how do we prevent these issues?  It's as simple as copying the new libraries over to the MaximoAnywhere build folder. 


After installing your Interim Fix and updating MobileFirst take a look at the following folders and copy the four libraries you see below. 




  • worklight-ant-builder.war
  • worklight-ant-deployer.war
  • worklight-jee-library.war




  • applicationcenterdeploytool.war


Place these files in the \IBM\Anywhere\MaximoAnywhere\libs\build folder  (back up the originals first).  Once done you will want to run a 'build build-war'  command and redeploy the war containing the attachment servlet.  Once the war is deployed you can continue with the build all command to rebuild the rest of your applications. 


This is a little shorter then normal, but should be helpful with future Anywhere\MobileFirst deployments.  Any questions, comments or concerns please post them below.


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