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Maximo Asset Management Interim Fix 009 released - do not use

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Maximo Asset Management Interim Fix 009 released - do not use


Update 31 August: Do not download. A new Maximo Asset Management Interim Fix will be released shortly.


The Interim Fix (IFIX) is available at Fix Central.


As with all IFIXes, Maximo Asset Management Interim Fix 009 is cumulative and includes all fixes provided with MAM 75011 IFIX 006 and MAM 75011 IFIX 008, with these additions:



Application Name



A security vulnerability has been found in AntiSamy 1.5.3. The version should be 1.5.5 or greater.


A security vulnerability has been found in Apache Batik 1.8. The version should be 1.9 or greater.


Asset Templates

In the Asset Templates application, you are not able to use all of the classifications in advanced searches.


Job Plans

In the Job Plans application, when using the application import option to import a job plan with a job plan task, the NESTEDJOBPLANID field does not populate.



In the Problems application, when linking a Change record that has been closed, it is necessary to
go to the Changes application and select Return With Value to have the values for Class, Description, and Status
filled in.


Purchase Orders

In the Purchase Orders application, the purchase order site ID on the invoice record is incorrect if advanced search is used to find the purchase order from a different site.


Service Requests

In the Service Requests application, when using escalations after closing a service request that has an attachment, you do not receive the expected email notification.


Work Order Tracking

In the Work Order Tracking application, communications that include long descriptions in an HTML format are not processed properly.


Work Order Tracking

In the Work Order application, child work orders do not inherit the status of their parent work order.


To install the IFIX, see Installing an Interim Fix in Maximo 7.5.


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