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MIF data loading results in description field with invalid ??? characters

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MIF data loading results in description field with invalid ??? characters


At times, when trying to upload some simple data such as a location into Maximo, you might encounter this abnormal display behaviour as seen below with the description.



1. You have checked and the import file used does not have these visible characters.

2. You have also ensured there were no errors were encountered with the upload.

If you enable root loggers SQL = INFO and INTEGRATION =DEBUG you will notice the following value gets bound to the description.

Notice the funny odd square character instead of the expected space, which eventually displays as "?" in your UI?


So, Why does this happen?

These bad characters are almost always in a description field which has been populated by copy/paste from a PDF or word processor document.
Typically they are the single byte [ #x0 through #x8, #xB, #xC, #xE, #xF] characters used for formatting purposes and appear as blanks in the field on-screen.  

If the text is copied from Maximo into a Notepad session they will appear as odd characters or hollow rectangles rather than spaces.  

Once the location of the bad character is identified, then it can be deleted and replaced with a genuine space character.


Hope you have found this information useful in helping identify why you get invalid characters when trying to upload data into Maximo.

Happy Uploading! :)

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