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Duplicate report output is received by Maximo v76 users

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Duplicate report output is received by Maximo v76 users


It is rare, but when it does happen and the users start receiving duplicate report output sent via email in their inbox, Maximo administrators will be hit with the questions of "how do I troubleshoot this issue?", or "why is this happening?" There could be several reasons as to why users are receiving duplicate emails (report output), whereas they only expect to receive one.


How can this type of scenario be addressed? There are several things to look at:


1)In System Properties application, check to see if mxe.crontask.runonschedule is set to "1".  If it is not, make sure to update its value to "1", save the change, and remember to use Live Refresh to finalize it this change.


2)Another reason could be the value for REPORTLOCKRELEASE cron task (LOCKINTERVALINMINUTES) needs to be increased to accommodate for the longest run time of a report. More on this in this technote.


3)It is possible that the duplicate email is not a duplicate after all.  It is possible when more than one Maximo server is deployed. Users then have access to log into all of them and schedule the same report (perhaps even around the same time frame). In this case, these users will receive multiple emails that may appear as duplicates, but they are actually coming from different Maximo servers. The following technote provides additional suggestions on how to handle it.



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