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Does E-mail folder support pop3 in Maximo?

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Does E-mail folder support pop3 in Maximo?


In business, you might want achieve this use case:

In an email account, set several folders and let Maximo Email Listener process the email from one of folders and create SRs.

For example, in account, we have several folders:

- Maximo

- Google

- Oracle

We only wants the email from Maximo folder to be processed. Is it achievable?


Let us see the common configurations in E-mail Listener in Maximo as below:




Maximo provides an attribute called "E-mail Folder". While if we are using pop3 as protocol, only INBOX folder is supported and it is limitation of JavaMail.

Please see details in link document: POP3Folder


The proper way to configure Email Listener is assign a dedicate email account to process the email to Maximo. 

If you are using Gmail, and there are already some emails in the INBOX,  you may Enable POP for mail that arrives from now on.

In this way, only the new emails sending to this mail account will be processed. 



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