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Maximo server hangs for 1.5 hours during startup

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Maximo server hangs for 1.5 hours during startup


Maximo Support - Saw this and thought of you.


I came across an unusual issue today so thought I would share....... 


A Maximo server appeared to hang during the startup process with no activity for one and a half hours and then continued as normal as if nothing had happened. 


In this instance, the server was trying to connect to the CMS server that is defined by the  System property CMS.db.url or DIS.db.url.  If these properties are set incorrectly it can cause a substantial hang.
There may be a message in the logs mentioning the cms server but this is not always the case. There are no other symptoms and no entries written to the logs during the hang.

After a considerable amount of time, the server startup completes and the server continues with no further issues.

So, if your server hangs for a long time during startup I would recommend checking that the settings mentioned above are valid. 


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