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BiLog: Have you met...Maximo Work Centers?

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BiLog: Have you met...Maximo Work Centers?





Have you met Abby?  Or Ed, Sam, Fran, Theo or Alvin?   These fabulous folks have joined the Maximo demo family representing a suite of user personas used to develop the new functionality for the Maximo-X Work Centers!



And you can meet each of these Maximo user roles in their work centers here…right now…TODAY!  Simply access the Maximo 76 Preview site and choose from any one of the available six user roles displayed towards the bottom of the page.



Not sure where to start?   Watch this video or  Try one of these suggested user roles and actions here to get familiar with the layout and features.   And be sure to try it on your laptop, tablet or smart phone!  Each work center is designed to be responsive to display seamlessly on any device.


Service Requestor (maxsr)

Enter a service request ticket for an issue with an asset, building, or a request for someone to bring you a donut!   


Supervisor (maxsup)

Review the data in the 4 columns (containers).  Perform actions including assigning, monitoring and closing work orders.


Business Analyst (maxba)

Note the first column where you’ll see a list of data sets which are similar to result sets in Maximo Classic.   Export a data set to excel – or click the New button to create your own data set via using the step-by-step wizar


Inspection Supervisor (maxinspsup)

Create a new inspection plan!   Simply select the New+ icon on the far right hand side and get started!


Few quick tips on using the work centers –


1.   Use Chrome, Firefox or Edge browsers for the best results

2.   Please log out of the work centers when you are done.   The log out button is on the top left hand side of the screen.

3.   To view the Maximo version of the work center, click on the ‘About more’ located on the bottom left of the screen.   The versions and work centers change a few times a year.


To learn more about the Maximo Work Centers,


Watch the work centers at the  Maximo Work Center You Tube Playlist  or review information on the  Work Center Wiki pages, with additional information on setting security for work centers, its architecture and FAQs.



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