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BiLog: Maximo and Cognos 11 Certification

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BiLog: Maximo and Cognos 11 Certification





I missed the sign.   Here in beautiful Boston.  Incredible technology working to reduce accidents, emissions and congestion.  Opps.


But…I didn’t miss the signs on the incredible, new Cognos Analytics release!   


The new Cognos 11 (or Cognos Analytic) release introduces a rich feature set of analytic functionality targeting business and power users!      Mirroring the user interface of Watson Analytics, Cognos Analytics provides features for business and power users to find, explore and share insights in a governed environment.


There are so many captivating new features in this release including

    A.  Empowering business and power users to upload xls/xlsx files to create their own dashboards and insights – without technical skills, IT resources or weeks and weeks of training!


    B.  Expanding data sources to include not only xls/xlsx files – but direct connections to your database - - and then being able to COMBINE these disparate data sources!  YEA!


    C.  Enabling simple, engaging visualizations sure to capture users’ – of all business roles and skill sets – attention and ability to quickly absorb the content.


And we can’t wait for you to use it with Maximo.


To get you started, on December 1, 2017, the Maximo team introduced a Maximo 76 Cognos 11 certification with these important considerations:


Version support

    Maximo 7605 or higher

    Cognos 11.0.7 (or Cognos Analytics Fix pack 7)



    The client must have their own Cognos 11 license.  The license entitlement within the     Maximo 76 is for Cognos 10.2 only at this time.


Security Authentication

    LDAP or Active directory security authentication.   Maximo security, using the MXCSP     Cognos namespace, is not supported.


We hope you are as EXCITED as we are about the possibilities with Maximo and Cognos Analytics!


But don’t wait!!!    Or Watch the new Maximo 76 Cognos 11 introduction video or dashboard video!  Or get started today by signing up for a free trial ….and give Cognos Analytics  a drive…autonomous or not! 

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