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BiLog: Getting under the hood of the new Maximo work centers

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BiLog: Getting under the hood of the new Maximo work centers


Have you tried them?    The new Maximo work centers?   Or do you first want to get under the hood and see how they work?


Driving the functionality of the work centers is a suite of wonderful components, which are continually enhanced in each Maximo fix pack via a continuous delivery model.


The new Maximo work center architecture uses HTML5, which relies on REST APIs and Object Structures.    Maximo object structures are used extensively in both Maximo Classic and the work centers, and enable a collection of related database objects to be joined together in a hierarchy format via maxrelationships.   And maxrelationships are the sql queries or where clause which joins the objects together.


The REST APIs use the object structures to access the MBO’s and maximo database – or the content that is displayed within the work center.     But that data needs to be filtered for user specific displays and/or actions.    And this filtering is done via new query actions which are applied to the Object structures.   




To learn more about these object structures and the role of the new query dialog, access this Overview video.    Or watch how you can configure  the object structure query for content display within your work center in this Demo video.


Additional reference materials on the Maximo work centers are available at


Maximo System features video recording playlist


Maximo Work Center functional video recording playlist 


Maximo Work Center wiki pages


Remember….the work centers supplement Maximo classic applications – at no additional charge or licensing fees – and provide simplified, role based features in a responsive display.


Give them a drive …..they are fabulous!


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