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Maximo Anywhere and Direct Update from Application Stores

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Maximo Anywhere and Direct Update from Application Stores


I thought it may be beneficial to write up a quick blog on Maximo Anywhere and using directory update with the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.  Out of the box there is a minor change that needs to be done, without this change you will likely run in to an error regarding the application environment not being found.  

Because Maximo Anywhere is at a different build version then 7.6.2 we need to make a couple small changes to some internal values to allow this direct update to properly occur. 


1 . The first change in is the application-descriptor.xml, The below example is for work execution,  update the version from back to 7.6.2 as seen below, if you are using only iOS or only Android you can just update the platform you are using. 




    <iphone applicationId="Work Execution" bundleId="" version="7.6.2">
        <worklightSettings include="true"/>
    <android version="7.6.2">
        <worklightSettings include="true"/>
            <encryptWebResources enabled="false"/>
            <testWebResourcesChecksum enabled="false" ignoreFileExtensions="png, jpg, jpeg, gif, mp4, mp3"/>
            <publicSigningKey>Replace this text with the actual public signing key of the certificate used to sign the APK, available by using the 'Extract public signing key' wizard.</publicSigningKey>
        <compressWebResources enabled="false"/>


2. The second change is in your Anywhere\MaximoAnywhere\,  search for and update the value to 7.6.2 as well as seen below and save the file. 


# application version number label


3. Once done run 'build mobilefirst'


This will build the artifacts with the version of 7.6.2 as a separate environment to MobileFirst,  allowing for the Google Play and App store applications to connect an update. 


Once done you can now open your application downloaded from one of the application stores pointing to your MobileFirst environment and they should update to the latest release of Maximo Anywhere




Please note this will not need to be done with 7.6.2 HF releases,  they will direct update as normal.   The Maximo Anywhere version in the application will still display the correct platform version of 


As usual, if you have any questions, comments or concerns please post below.



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