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Maximo OutofMemory with WebSphere 8

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Maximo OutofMemory with WebSphere 8



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This issue appears to be raising its head again. I have seen a few reports recently where the Maximo servers run out of memory or run continually slower, which have been caused by the same memory related issue. 


If you are running on WebSphere 8.x (x=Any level) it would be a good idea to check if you have a jvm custom setting of jaxws.share.dynamic.ports.enable on each server set to true.

If the answer is no, you may want to consider setting this as it has resolved the OutOfMemory issues for a number of clients. 


It will take only a minute or two to check but could save you running short of memory. 

Before setting, I would suggest you have a read of this technote/solution for further background information on this subject.


If you are already in the position of having outofmemory on your server, check the dump for a large area of memory being used by thousands of instances of org.apache.axis2.description.AxisService. If you see this it is most likely you will need to set enable the setting.










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