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Setup Info for MAHI (Maximo Asset Health Insight)

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Setup Info for MAHI (Maximo Asset Health Insight)


Hi,   Asset Health Insight has been released!


I recently visited a factory with iot device attached to assets so work orders can be generated during certain condition.  Below is some MAHI setup info:

1. In Maximo, go to the Assets application
2. Go to the Meters tab, attach meter(s) to assets

3 Go to "Enter Meter Reading" action and enter a meter Reading

4. Create a Saved Query to bring up some assets e.g. Portable Water Pumps

5. Go to the Security Groups application and create a Reliability Engineering Security Group with default application set to RELENGINEER



6. Grant access to the Reliability Engineering Work Center




7. Go to the Users tab and add a user (i.e. the reliability engineer)



8. Open a browser and Go to the Work Center   e.g. http://hostname/maximo-x

Login as the reliability Engineer


9. Click "Add Cards" to add a new card (on far right hand corner)


10. Create a new card as follows:
Insight App = Asset
Insight Type = Saved Query
Insight Content = your saved Query

Click the Save button


11. Select “Scoring” option on the Left Panel

select "Scoring Factors" on top

Select "Create Factor"


12. Enter factor info as follows:

Factor Name: OBS_COND
Description: Observed Condition
Applies to Asset
Associate Meter: Yes
Formula shows as METERVAL("OBS_COND")
Enter a High Threshold: 5 
Enter a  Low Threshold: 0 
Click the Save button


A new card called 'Portable Water Pumps' has been created


13. Click Scoring on the left pane and click "Create Method" on top right hand corner
Method Name: SGR
Description: Click the Save button
Applies to: Asset


Click Next
Group Name: SGR
How do you want to define your group: select "Type"
Value: Pump

Click Next
How do you want to specify the conversion: Auto-Generated
Best Score: 5
Worst Score: 0

Click Save

Expand the new Scoring Method 

14. Click “Create Driver" on the far right

Enter a driver name and description
Weight % e.g. 25

Do no select "Use Factors"
Select "Auto-Generated" Baseline Conversion

Best Score 100

Worse Score 0
Click Save



15. Activate the Scoring Method




Go to Scoring > Scoring Baseline and change the baseline if needed



Go back to Health Overview (click Health on the top left hand corner)
select the new Card created above


Select an asset from the new card

Health score shows up

NOTE:  The factor/method/driver entered here is just for demo.

Scroll Down

Health and Driver History vs Time is displayed


Notification option  allows Email / SMS notification

Take Actions button allows the reliability engineer to create a new work order / SR on the fly

Work shows the work order created for this asset


16. Go to the Cron Task Setting application, bring up the IOTHISTORIAN Cron Task and setup a schedule to poll asset data from Watson IOT Platform to Maximo




Attached is a setup doc for Watson IOT Platform

Maxmo Asset Health Insights - Steps -V2.0 - For Maximo AHI Details




Optimizing Fleet Maintenance and Performance with IoT Webinar Recording - DEMO starts 22:47 min.


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