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Bilog: Introducing….New Maximo Developer Center (MDC)

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Bilog: Introducing….New Maximo Developer Center (MDC)





Its super sized.


With over 200 applications, 1400 database objects, 22000 database attributes, 6000 maxrelationships, 16000 synonym domains, 300 object structures, 70 cron tasks, 120 communication templates, 850 system properties, and numerous workflows, escalations, automation scripts and so much more – Maximo is massive.


And that’s only the base product.   Add in industry solutions, add-on products, business partner solutions – and its volume and complexity grows exponentially.


And here’s fabulous news to help you better understand the innards of Maximo.   A new Maximo Developer Center (MDC) is now available!  Within the MDC, you’ll find a variety of developer resources including


-       Tools, SDKs, APIs, code samples to accelerate the creation of applications, add-ons and solutions integrating with Maximo

-       Scripting, configuration, packaging and tools and information to speed your deployment of applications and Maximo add-ons


And you’ll also find a digital community where you can connect, collaborate and learn from other developers.   


The new Maximo Developer Center (MDC) supplements the existing Asset Management Community by providing a focused, centralized location for developers and business partners.   


The Asset Management Community (AMC) will continue to focus on providing functional updates, new features and best practices.


Confused on which community to use?


Use the Asset Management Community (AMC) if you are a Maximo user with questions on features, functionality, best practices, new features and more.


Use the Maximo Developer Center (MDC) if you are a Maximo developer or Business Partner seeking information on how to extend or create new applications for Maximo.


Check out the MDC today!   It’s new and jam-packed with information.   Enjoy!   

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