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Adding Extra Fields (WOEQ1, WOEQ2, etc..) to a Result Set for Workorder

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Adding Extra Fields (WOEQ1, WOEQ2, etc..) to a Result Set for Workorder




Have you tried to add one of the out of the box extra fields (WOEQ1, WOEQ2, etc...) to a result set and have not been able to figure out a way to go about this?


If you have figured this out then congratulations!  If not here's the steps for everyone else.


To have these extra fields display for your result set there's a few steps that need to be taken.

From within the Maximo UI open the Object Structure application from within the Integration application.

from the list screen query for REP_WORKORDER.

Once displayed select Exclude/Include Fields from the select action menu.

With the WORKORDER object highlighted in the source object section you will see 2 tabs.

Select the Persistent Fields tab.

Here you will see all the fields that have been excluded.  Search for the field in question (from our test we will search for WOEQ1).

Uncheck the box next to the field name then save your changes.

Now go back to your result set that you are looking to add this field to from your start center.

Enter or select WOTRACK from the application field from the result set setup screen.

Make sure your object structure field is displaying the correct object structure (in this example we used Work Order Details).

Once you have selected the correct object structure you will see that the extra field has now been made available in the available fields list.

At this point you can select and add to your result set.

*NOTE* In some cases for other fields if you still do not see the field from the list you will need to go into the application (WOTRACK) and create a simple query and save.  This will then make the fields available in the result set setup / available fields list.

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