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Maximo 7.6 Hung threads

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Maximo 7.6 Hung threads


Maximo Support - Saw this and thought of you


I have noticed there have been a number of reports recently of hung threads which have had the same symptoms and which have been resolved by the same APAR.


Typically threads will be blocked and queueing behind others which hold locks on java/lang/Object and oracle/jdbc/driver/T4CConnection

This can be seen by manually taking a java dump and investigating the processes that are waiting on locks.


The APAR(s) involved are IJ02030 and IJ02030 (The descriptions differ but the fix is the same) 

The fix is included in Maximo, but is available in some higher 7.6.0.x IFIXes. 


If you believe you may be experiencing this issue and need assistance, I would suggest opening a PMR/case and supplying a java core (taken when threads are hanging) for review.



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