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Maximo Anywhere: New IoT Academy Anywhere Course

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Maximo Anywhere: New IoT Academy Anywhere Course


Just for YOU - - 


A new Maximo Anywhere Customization course is available for on IoT Academy!


The course targets technical individuals tasked with customizing and configuring the Maximo Anywhere applications.

It is a self-paced course made up of 5 modules including

1.  Overview of Maximo Anywhere

2.  Detailed review of the Anywhere Architecture, OSLC Integration and Application Components

3.  Steps on how to obtain/use a VM image

4.  Series of basic customization exercises – commonly required by Anywhere clients

5.  Series of advanced customization exercises – building on the exercises for module 4


Note that the course is FREE, self-paced and includes the VM image that the student will use to perform the customization exercises.   

After successfully completing each module quiz, the basic and advanced exercises and the final exam, the student will receive a Skilled Badge for Maximo Anywhere Customization.

Looking forward to see folks getting this new badge!  And be sure to show off your new badge on LinkedIn, Twitter and to all your friends and colleagues!  



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