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Bilog: Jr Rangers…Learning…Maximo Cognos Lab

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Bilog: Jr Rangers…Learning…Maximo Cognos Lab


   I’m a Junior Ranger.  

I took on the challenge to identify insects, sketch wildflowers and go on a scavenger hunt for cacti and rock art at Joshua Tree National Park.   And after a day full of hiking, exploring and learning – I have a new badge that I’m incredibly proud of.

Recently, we announced a new Maximo Anywhere Skilled Badge Customization Course on IoT Academy.   

This course targets technical developers and implementers – detailing the Anywhere topology, and then having the student perform a series of basic and advanced customization exercises with the supplied course VM image.

Building on this, today we are excited to announce a new Maximo Cognos Analytics lab which can be downloaded from the box folder or this Analytics community.

With this lab course, you will

 - Subscribe to a free, 30 day trial instance of Cognos Analytics on the Cloud

 - Upload 2 sample Maximo data sets of work order and assets

 - Construct a Cognos data module – joining work orders and assets

 - Create a Cognos dashboard

 - Build a Cognos report

 - Drill-down from the Cognos dashboard to the report

 - Prepare an automated Cognos storybook

All in less than 2 hours.

Access the lab here, and download the lab details and data sets.   And while there is no badge for the course, we’ll give you a high five for taking on the challenge of learning !.

Please drop a note if any questions, or problems accessing.

#Learn #Explore 

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