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Spectrum Copy Data Management Technical Deep Dive and Impressive Use Cases



This webcast explains how IBM Spectrum Copy Data Management is used in most Data Centers and the many Storage Snapshot Cloning Use Cases

IBM Spectrum Copy Data Management (CDM) is an IT storage hardware assisted FlashCopy Management platform that can bring modernization to existing Data Centers without disruption nor deploying agents all within 30 minutes. CDM deploys as a VMware OVF, which delivers “in-place application aware snap and restores”, “remote site snapshot vaulting”, and "remote restore copy data management functionality to your organization".

This webcast provides a technical briefing on IBM Spectrum Copy Data Management, followed by a closer look at all the impressive use cases with the storage software.
* Near zero RPO RTO SLA's policies leveraging IBM Storage FlashCopies
* Create, schedule, and/or deploy clones in minutes with exact copies of production data built in an isolated test environment (easy to access) on or off-site.
* Self-Service capabilities are available but Optional


Date: June 18, 2019

Speakers: Brad Ashbaugh, FlashSystem and Software Defined Storage Architect



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18 December 2019