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Binder source files can now be in IFS



With IBM i 7.3, the Create Service Program (CRTSRVPGM), Update Service Program (UPDSRVPGM) and Retrieve Binder Source (RTVBNDSRC) commands have been enhanced to allow the export source to be contained in a stream file, making it possible to store the export source file in the same location as the source stream files that provide the source code input for the compilers.


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Binder language export  source is used when creating or updating an IBM i service program.  It specifies the service program’s signature and the names of procedures and data that the service program exports.  Prior to release 7.3, this source could only be processed out of a physical file.  Starting in IBM i 7.3, the export source can processed out of a stream file for the Create service program (CRTSRVPGM) and Update service program (UPDSRVPGM) commands.  This enhancement was made in response to customer requests to allow IBM i resources to be stored in and processed from stream files.  The support to allow service programs to be created or updated with export source from a stream file is allowed only for objects with a target release of 7.3 or later.

For many service programs, it is nice to have the binder language export source generated for you from constituent modules using the Retrieve binder source (RTVBNDSRC) command.  This command has also been updated to generate binder language source and place it in a stream file.  This stream file can then be used when creating or updating the service program.

For additional information about the export source parameter for these commands, refer to the IBM i Knowledge Center CRTSRVPGMUPDSRVPGM, and RTVBNDSRC.

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09 January 2020