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More quickly recover individual objects



More quickly recover individual objects in IBM i 7.2 and later releases


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With IBM i 7.3 and IBM i 7.2, you can now more quickly recover individual objects from a large tape back-up.  When you need to restore an individual object that is located far from the beginning of a back-up tape file, fewer tape operations are now needed to locate the object if you specify the starting position. This can greatly reduce the recovery time.

To restore individual objects as quickly as possible, refer to the IBM i Knowledge Center topic Restoring objects. The information that you need to specify has not changed, but the objects can now be located much more quickly with fewer tape operations.

With IBM i 7.3, this support is in the base release.  With IBM i 7.2, you need to apply PTF MF60473.

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09 January 2020