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SNMPv3 Auditing and Other Enhancements



SNMPv3 auditing support and other enhancements are provided with PTFs for IBM i 7.1 and later releases.


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PTFs have been created for IBM i 7.1 and later releases to audit SNPv3 requests.  In addition, new enhancements have been implemented for the system description, storage pool descriptions, and storage pool block sizes.  You can append text to the system description and append ASP numbers for storage pool descriptions.  Also, the maximum storage pool block sizes have been increased to 1 MB and it is easier to specify the block size as a command parameter.  See more details in this "i Can" blog article.

The following PTFs provide these new enhancements:

•    SI63661 for IBM i 7.1
•    SI63662 for IBM i 7.2
•    SI63664 for IBM i 7.3

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09 January 2020