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SBMJOB and CHGJOB exit points



SBMJOB and CHGJOB exit points


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Two new exit points have been created to better track and manage jobs submitted to a job queue:
  • The Submit Job exit point (QIBM_QWT_SBMJOB) can be used to call a user exit program in a job that calls the SBMJOB command, prior to the job being placed on the job queue.
  • The Change Job exit point (QIBM_QWT_CHGJOB) can be used to call a user exit program when the CHGJOB command or API is called to change a job while the job is on a job queue.This allows the program to keep track of any changes made to the JOBQ job after it was submitted but before it becomes active.

You can register an exit program by job queue, and unlike the Command Analyzer exit points, there is no limit to the number of exit programs that can be registered. Another advantage to these exit points is that the exit program will be called even when the job queue is not allocated to an active subsystem.

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09 January 2020