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QHST enhancements


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QHST system job

A new system job, QHST, is started at IPL to perform message logging to the history log. This function was previously done by the SCPF job. This change has been made to move message logging out of the critical system job, which requires an IPL to restart it. In IBM i 7.4, this function runs in QHST, which is a separate job. If excessive messaging to the history log causes the QHST job to end unexpectedly, a new QHST job will automatically start and replace it.

Improved searching of QHST

Improved search capabilities have been added to the Display Log (DSPLOG) command when searching for messages in the history log by job name. The command now allows searching for messages by user name instead of requiring the three-part job name. The command also allows searching by job name or number, as well as generic support for the name.

The IBM i service QSYS2.HISTORY_LOG_INFO provides a powerful way to understand the data in the history log by leveraging the power of SQL to sort, filter, and analyze the history data in ways the command is not capable. Examples of parsing this data can be found under ‘Insert from Examples’ in the Run SQL Scripts interface of Access Client Solutions.

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09 January 2020