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The GROUP_PTF_CURRENCY is a view containing a query which implements a live comparison of the PTF Groups installed on the partition against the service levels listed on the IBM Preventive Service Planning website.


For complete detail, visit this IBM Knowledge Center page: GROUP_PTF_CURRENCY view

The XML feed used by this view has been relocated to:
PTFs for GROUP_PTF_CURRENCY to access this new feed are available.
IBM i 7.5: SI85868
IBM i 7.4: SI85869
IBM i 7.3: SI85870

Enhanced with IBM i 7.4 SF99704 Level 10 and IBM i 7.3 SF99703 Level 22:

  • Add the LAST_UPDATED_BY_IBM column
Enhanced with IBM i 7.3 SF99703 Level 3 and IBM i 7.2 SF99702 Level 14
  • Support added for 'CURRENT AT THE NEXT IPL'

If you experience a failure when attempting to use this view, here are some things to check:
  1. Make sure the job CCSID of the database job is not 65535.
  2. Make sure your default Java version is not lower than 1.6. 
    • If WRKENVVAR LEVEL(*SYS) shows the JAVA_HOME system environment variable is set, make sure the variable points to a JVM that is not lower than 1.6.
    • If a /QIBM/UserData/Java400/ file exists, make sure it does not specify a JVM that is lower than 1.6.
    • If the user of the view has a file in their home IFS directory, make sure it does not specify a JVM that is lower than 1.6.
  3. Confirm that Portable App Solutions Environment (PASE) is installed and in a good state by running this command:
  4.  In order for the function to work, the system must have access to the internet.  Verify that the system can connect to the internet.  One way to this is to make sure the system can: ping
  5. Make sure the appropriate PTF is applied.
    IBM i 7.3 -- 5770SS1 SI85870
    IBM i 7.4 -- 5770SS1 SI85869
    IBM i 7.5 -- 5770SS1 SI85868
  6.  Verify that the view is correct:
    select count(*)
      from qsys2.sysviews
      where table_name = 'GROUP_PTF_CURRENCY'
      and view_definition like '%support/pages%';

    If the count is zero (0), perhaps the PTF did not apply correctly.
    Permanently remove the PTF and reapply, looking for an error message from the PTF apply.   Also check the QDBSRVXR2 system job for error messages.   A common error is that other jobs are using a view that the PTF is attempting to update.  To correct, end the jobs using those views and reapply the PTF.
  7.  Verify the response from the server using the following query.  This query should return XML formatted data.
    select responsemsg, responsehttpheader
      from table (
            '<httpHeader includeErrorMsg="true"/>')
        ) x;

    The beginning of the RESPONSEMSG column should look like this.
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

    If it does not, the RESPONSEMSG may contain information from a firewall that is blocking access to the server.  The RESPONSEHTTPHEADER may contain error information.
  8.  Make sure the XML data can be parsed correctly.  Run this query to verify the XML is correct.

    select xmlparse(document systools.httpgetclob(
        '', ''))
      from sysibm.sysdummy1;

[{"Business Unit":{"code":"BU058","label":"IBM Infrastructure w\/TPS"},"Product":{"code":"SWG60","label":"IBM i"},"Component":"","Platform":[{"code":"PF012","label":"IBM i"}],"Version":"All Versions","Edition":"","Line of Business":{"code":"LOB57","label":"Power"}}]

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12 March 2024