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Service Tool debug enhancements



There have been multiple enhancements to the Service Tool functions for the IBM i 7.4 release.


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The Mainstore Dump Copy screens now have a column that indicates the size of a dump to help plan for proper handling of the dump.

There is now an option on the Remote Modern Support screens to configure LAN, making it easier to set up access for remote support. 

Limits for Licensed Internal Code (LIC) log have been increased so important debug information does not wrap out of the log too soon. Note that the LIC Log sizes are selectable by the customer, but have minimum, default, and maximum values. Sizes that were previously shown in kilobytes are now shown in megabytes.  This table shows the new limits and values, as compared with the previous release:


IBM i 7.3

IBM i 7.4

LIC Log area minimum space on load source

104 KB

20 MB

LIC Log area default space on load source

252000 KB

1228 MB

LIC Log area maximum space on load source

352000 KB

12304 MB

Minimum note data size

2048 Bytes

4096 Bytes

Dump data size default

384 KB

1 MB

Size of note and dump segments

16000 KB

4000 MB


Refer to the IBM i Knowledge Center: Licensed Internal Code log for more information. 

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09 January 2020