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Service tools user ID and password enhancements



Service tools user ID and password enhancements for IBM i 7.4


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With IBM i 7.4 Service Tools security options now support service tools user ID password composition rules like those allowed for operating system user profile passwords.  

The following password composition rules can be configured for service tools user IDs:

Limit profile name

Hours to block password change

Minimum password length

Maximum password length

Use chars from three groups

Limit adjacent characters

Limit repeating characters

Limit characters same position

Minimum digits

Maximum digits

Limit adjacent digits

Limit digit first position

Limit digit last position

Minimum letters

Maximum letters

Limit adjacent letters

Limit letter first position

Limit letter last position

Number of mixed case letters

Minimum special characters

Maximum special characters

Limit adjacent special chars

Limit special char first position

Limit special char last position

Service tools password composition rules are configured using DST, SST, or the new SST Security Attribute commands.

  • Change SST Security Attributes (CHGSSTSECA)
  • Display SST Security Attributes (DSPSSTSECA)

In addition to password rule attributes, the commands support the “service tools password level” attribute and the “allow security-related system values to be changed” attribute. 

New commands were added for service tools user ID management. These commands configure the same SST privileges managed through DST or SST.        

  • Create Service Tools User ID (CRTSSTUSR)
  • Change Service Tools User ID (CHGSSTUSR)
  • Delete Service Tools User ID (DLTSSTUSR)

Refer to the Service Tools topic in the IBM i Knowledge Center for more information.

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09 January 2020