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Discover Latest Capabilities of Spectrum Virtualize Easy Tier Setup(s)



Drop in for an in-depth understanding how IBM Spectrum Virtualize Easy Tier works and favorite setup best practices.

Easy Tier eliminates manual intervention when machine learning assigns highly active data on volumes to faster responding storage as needed on-demand. Easy Tier pools on Spectrum Virtualize's family of modern IBM storage solutions include function, which creates an on the fly auto ILM tiering pool, which improves storage utilization while lowing TCO.

We provide a brief overview of the Spectrum Virtualize storage offerings, followed by a closer look at Easy Tier's recent developments.

* "capacity full" and "performance full" concepts

* Easy Tier is automated and attempts to prevent out of space

* New command that lets you tell SVC to assume that the managed disk is at critical space threshold


May 8, 2019
Speakers: Brad Ashbaugh, IBM FlasySystems and Software Definied Storage Architect and Andrew Martin, UK Spectrum Virtualize Architect



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18 December 2019