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Holiday Readiness: Are you prepared for the peak holiday season?

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Holiday Readiness: Are you prepared for the peak holiday season?


October 3, 2019

IBM Order Management on Cloud – 2019 Holiday Readiness Webcast

Missed it? No sweat! IBM has you covered. Below is all of the information. Please Share it with your colleagues.


As promised for those who were able to attend, the webcast replay, the slide deck, the Q&As, and URLs are posted below. We hope you enjoyed the webcast and were able to generate a full checklist to ensure you are prepared for the 2019 Holiday Season.




Mike Callaghan

Program Director
Order Management Support

Aparna Subramanian

Lead - IBM Sterling Order Management and Performance

Jaime Shoemaker

Senior On-Boarding Specialist
Order Management on Cloud

Shoeb Bihari

Support Specialist
Order Management Support 

John Rawls

Support Manager
IBM Order Management





With decades of experience and the willingness to ensure clients are successful this holiday season, some of IBMs best and brightest shared information for you to review. The IBM Order Management Support team discussed how we are preparing our clients, and ourselves for peak holiday season traffic on the Order Management on Cloud platform. IBM discussed the best practices, lessons learned, and recommendations across Performance Testing, RTAM, MQ, Database, and latest highlights of our proactive Monitoring, Alerting, and Notification model. 


Recording & Presentation slides


IBM OMoC - Holiday Readiness-2019 - 2019-10-03.mp4 



Q: If we need a restart of the application servers in prod during peak for any reason, would that be still a case to IBM? or is this capability will be provided on self serve any time?

A: Yes, please enter a CASE with IBM with the date/time convenient for your environment.


Q: Where do I obtain outbound IP ranges for my environment?

A: See your On-Boarding Lead or CSM if you require assistance in obtaining the cloud outbound IP (gateway) ranges for your environment. 


Q: There is a recommendation to have a controlled restart one week before the festive season? Is that a proactive one from IBM or it should be triggered by us (client side) via support case?

A: Restart doesn't have to be exactly one week before the peak. You (client) can request IBM via support case to restart one or two weeks prior to the peak. 


Reading Material

The authors shared the following links to continue learning about the topic:



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