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HTTP 404 When Trying to Access the Dashboard

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HTTP 404 When Trying to Access the Dashboard


It can feel like the world is coming to an end when you can't access the IBM Sterling B2B Integrator (SI) dashboard but a few simple steps can help you quickly determine whether or not this is a cause for a Severity 1, System Down PMR with IBM. The dashboard portlet listens on the base port on which you installed SI. There are two very quick ways to determine if the HTTP Server Adapter configured to listen on that port is operational.

The first is the HTTP Server log. Again, by default, the dashboard portlet is deployed to an adapter called "HTTPServerAdapter". Check to see that the adapter is in a "running" state.



A second method is to use the "netstat" command. Simply use this command to check for the "LISTEN" status on the same port that the dashboard is listening on. 




If the HTTP Server Adapter is not listening you can try starting it from the command line using the opscmd for example:


                                                                 ./bin/ -cSTOPADAPTER -nnode1 -pID=HTTPServerAdapter


Some of the common reasons for the SI dashboard to suddenly become unavailable (HTTP 404) include firewall changes or anti-virus software. Here are some others:

Just a few investigative steps on your part can quickly narrow down whether you need to call a system administrator or network contact at your company or need to contact IBM.

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