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Requesting Support from a Team Local to You

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Requesting Support from a Team Local to You


As an IBM Sterling B2B Integrator (SI) IT Specialist based in the United States, this year I've noticed more and more requests in PMRs to transfer the PMR to another region. This would seem like a reasonable request but in reality it is not always that simple. In order to open a PMR your company has to have a current support contract. If that company is based in the United States, the support contract generally resides with a US based support team. The PMR is then routed to a US based support team and typically under terms of that contract should be worked by a US based support team. If you (the "named caller" on a PMR) are not based in the same time-zone or geographic location as the company for which the PMR is being opened you can request a transfer to another team but we cannot guarantee this will occur. There are IBM staffing and other considerations that can come into play that are beyond the individual analyst's control that prevent us from accommodating your request. In previous customer facing roles with IBM with other IBM products, it was the named-caller that worked the hours representative of the company for which the PMR was opened.  In the long term, your preference for a specific geographic support team is better addressed within your company to ensure the support contract with IBM accurately reflects the correct geography.

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