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Aimed at a technical audience, these webinars are for IBM® clients, business partners, and IBMers.
Webinars covering IBM® Power, AIX, Linux, and IBM® i.
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Replays of the previous sessions

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Next Session:

2 and 9 May 2024: Oracle on Power Best Practices

Hello everyone and welcome to the May Power Systems VUG! For our sessions this month we have a special Oracle on Power 2-part series featuring brand new content from our long-time Oracle SME Ralf Schmidt-Dannert.

Oracle Database on AIX - Best Practices (Memory and CPU)

  • Review of key AIX concepts for memory and CPU management and learn how they can impact an Oracle database. 
  • Discuss best practices when deploying Oracle databases on AIX to optimally utilize AIX memory and CPU features. 
  • This session is focused on Oracle 19c with POWER10 based systems and AIX 7.x.

Oracle Database on AIX - Best Practices (IO and Miscellaneous)

  • Review key AIX concepts for IO management and highlight how the selection of specific IO features can impact an Oracle database. This will then lead to a discussion of Best Practices when deploying an Oracle database on AIX to optimally utilize AIX IO features for the Oracle database. 
  • This session will conclude with a review of additional resources, as well as latest available patches, and is focused on Oracle 19c with POWER10 based systems and AIX 7.x.

Ralf Schmidt-Dannert has over 32 years of experience in IT and currently works as a Principal IT Specialist with the IBM Advanced Technology Group, ISV on Power - Oracle at IBM. He has spent most of his career focused on very large database environments, designing, testing, and troubleshooting solutions for high performance, high availability and near zero data loss disaster recovery.

Ralf has helped customers in the financial, telecommunications, utility, retail and manufacturing industries choose appropriate database and infrastructure technologies to meet their business requirements for databases up to a hundred terabytes in size.  Most recently, he has been evaluating and implementing technologies to provide Database as a Service to customers running their databases on IBM Power servers – on-prem or in IBM Power Systems Virtual Server Infrastructure – off-prem.

Please join us for this special two-part series.  As always bring your questions and comments and we look forward to sharing the latest Oracle best practices with you!

Session 1 – May 2nd, 11:00 Eastern

Session 2 – May 9th,  11:00 Eastern

This webinar will be 90 minutes.
2 and 9 May 2024 at 8:00 AM Pacific / 9:00 AM Mountain / 10:00 AM Central / 11:00 AM Eastern (90 minutes)

Past Sessions:

4 April 2024: How IBM Supports Epic Customers

29 February 2024: ISV Updates: SAP, Oracle, Epic with Jim Pinto, Doug Bloom, Paul Munch

25 January 2024: AI on IBM Power10: The platform built for AI with Rodrigo Ceron Ferreira de Castro and Iverson Korsen

30 November 2023: AIX and IBM i Updates with Jayen Shah and Dan Sundt

26 October 2023: Scrunching with Scaled Throughput Mode with Earl Jew

11 September 2023: TechXchange Panel Discussion

24 August 2023: VIOS Top Tips and HMC Simplified with Jaqui Lynch

20 July 2023: PowerSC Introduction, Updates, and Futures with Stephen Dominguez

15 June 2023: Deploy a Highly Available Oracle DB in PowerVS using PowerHA and ROHA

25 May 2023: AIX Support Trends and Update

27 April 2023: AIX Operating System Enhancements and Update

16 March 2023: FalconStor for Power and PowerVS

23 February 2023: IBM Power Expert Care and Support

12 January 2023: Power Systems OS Updates

17 November 2022: Power Private and Public Cloud Updates

6 October 2022: Alignment and Balance on POWER Architecture with Earl Jew and Chip Layton

8 September 2022: Power10 Q&A with Nigel Griffiths, Douglas Gibbs, Earl Jew, and Andrew Laidlaw

4 August 2022: Power10 Scale-out and Midrange Systems with Nigel Griffiths

7 July 2022: Cognitive Support for IBM Power Systems

2 June 2022: Db2 Web Query for i

28 April 2022: Power Performance Tuning with David Pizinger and Carlos Lazarini

23 March 2022: Subject Matter Expert Round Table

Message from Joe Armstrong: Let me say here that this session was my last VUG session after 15 years.  I am moving onto retirement.  It is a privilege and an honor to put on the VUG webinars.  I owe a great deal of gratitude to the many speakers over they years. The VUG is successful because of the speaker quality. During the webinar, many people thanked me and wished me well.  I wish you all a happy future. 

Roundtable contributors:

  • Nigel Griffiths = Mr nmon
  • Jaqui Lynch on AIX and VIOS
  • Douglas Gibbs on Power I/O
  • Vess Natchev on Cloud
  • Glen Corneau on IBM Spectrum Scale on AIX
  • Dan Sundt / Alison Butterill on IBM i
  • Steve Finnes on High Availability and Disaster Recover
  • Steve Nasypany on Performance
  • Ralf Schmidt Dannert on Oracle Performance
  • Earl Jew on AIX Performance
  • Mike Herrera on High Availability and Disaster Recovery

Not everyone-shared slides but here are the ones that were presented: 

Available reply and downloads:

24 February 2022: PowerSC with Stephen Dominguez

27 January 2022: VIOS Top Tips with Jaqui Lynch

16 December 2021: A Strategy for Specifying POWER9 AIX LPAR Implementations with Earl Jew

18 November 2021: Navigator for IBM i with Tim Rowe

4 November 2021: AIX 7.3 Announce with Maria Ward, Carl Burnett & Brian Veale

30 September 2021: IBM Power10 Announce with William Starke & Joe Armstrong

25 August 2021: Open Source Technology on IBM Power Systems with Jesse Gorzinski

29 July 2021: Entitled Systems Support (ESS) with Jakub Kucharski

  • This session was by a demonstration, so no presentation materials.
  • The replay of this session is temporarily out of service. 

29 June 2021: Dynamic Capacity with Joe Armstrong, Michael Quaranta and Stephanie Jensen

27 May 2021: IBM i Next Gen Apps – IBM i AND the Cloud with Steve Will

29 April 2021: NIM 201 with Jaqui Lynch

25 March 2021: Recent Announcements and Updates on AIX with Carl Burnett and Maria Ward

25 February 2021: AIX Tuning by the Numbers with Earl Jew & Tom Prokop

28 January 2021: How AIX manifests CPU, Memory JFS2 SAN I/O & SMT with Earl Jew & Tom Prokop


10 December 2020: What is New in AIX? with Nigel Griffiths

  • UPDATE: Nigel got told off for stating the next AIX major release is called AIX 7.3 and ruined the surprise!
  • Note the release date for Live Update feature between AIX 7.2 and AIX 7.3 has not been decided.

17 November 2020: High Availability / Disaster Recovery Solution Update with Steven Finnes

29 October 2020: Performance Navigator with Tom Huntington and Randy Watson

24 September 2020: Network Performance with Alexander Paul

27 August 2020: Oracle Best Practices Part 2 (I/O & Miscellaneous) with Ralf Schmidt-Dannert

20 August 2020: Oracle Best Practices Part 1 (CPU & Memory) with Ralf Schmidt-Dannert

30 July  2020: Power Systems Scale-out Announcements with Daniel Goldener and Douglas Gibbs

25 June 2020: AIX and IBM® i Roadmaps with Maria Ward & Alison Butterill

28 May2020: SR-IOV with Chuck Graham & James Chandler

30 April 2020: Ansible on AIX with Carl Burnett

26 March 2020: Live Partition Mobility and Simplified Remote Restart with Bob Foster

26 February 2020: PowerVC, Cloud Automation Manager & Multicloud Manager with Vess Natchev

30 January 2020: VIOS Best Practices with Jaqui Lynch


19 December 2019: Two Topics "Customer Support Changes" with Anne-Marie Sweetland
and "What's new from Mr nmon's Point of View" with Nigel Griffiths

21 November 2019: Red Hat OpenShift with Steve Knudson

31 October 2019:The Linux on Power Difference with Ron Gordon

26 September 2019: VM Recovery Manager with Mike Herrera

22 August 2019: Considerations and Strategies for POWER9 Workloads with Earl Jew

31 July 2019: IBM® i 7.4 with Steve Will

25 July  2019: Tricks of the Power Masters with Gareth Coates

  • Presentation Materials
  • YouTube Replay
  • NOTE: The script by Brian Smith referenced in the presentation and charts can be found at: or

27 June 2019: IBM® Public Cloud Offering with Ashok Shamsundar and Jose Paez

23 May 2019: Performance Management for Power Systems (PM for Power) with Rafique Jadran

25 April 2019: PowerAI Vision with Srinivas Chitiveli and Clarisse Taaffe-Hedglin

28 March 2019: AIX Performance Tuning Introduction with Jaqui Lynch

28 February 2019: nmon & njmon with Nigel Griffiths

31 January 2019: Enterprise Cloud Bundle and AIX Enterprise Edition with Petra Buehrer

17 January 2019:IBM® Cloud Private with Joe Cropper



13 December 2018: PowerVC Overview with Glen Corneau

15 November 2018: Rules of Expectation for vmstat, mpstat, iostat with Earl Jew

25 October 2018: VIOS Updates with Bob Kovacs

27 September 2018: Oracle Database on IBM® Power with AIX Best Practices with Ralf Schmidt-Dannert

30 August 2018: POWER9 Update with Joe Armstrong

26 July 2018: NVMe Overview with Murali Iyer

28 June 2018: Security and Compliance with PowerSC with Stephen Dominguez

21 June 2018: IBM® i Use of USB Ports with Bob Schuster

24 May 2018: AIX Performance Tuning for Memory and CPU with Jaqui Lynch

10 May 2018: IBM® i Trends and Directions with Dan Sundt

26 April 2018: Cloud Management Console for Power Systems with Shamsundar Ashok

15 March 2018: Migrating to AIX 7.2 with Chris Gibson

22 February 2018: POWER9 Scale-Out Announcement with Joe Armstrong

25 January 2018: PowerDraw with Mike Gregor


12 December 2017: First Power 9 System and PowerAI with Chris Mann

30 November 2017: HMC Round 2 with Allyn Walsh & Bob Schuster

26 October 2017: The Emerging Paradigm of CPU Efficiency Tuning with Earl Jew

28 September 2017:A Tribute to "nmon" which is 20 years old this year with Nigel Griffiths (@mr_nmon)

24 August 2017: Care and Feeding of VIO Servers with Jaqui Lynch

27 July 2017: PowerHA / GDR / CBU with Steve Finnes

29 June 2017: HMC Update with Allyn Walsh, Bob Schuster, Shamsundar Ashok

18 May 2017: Flash Systems with Jeff Stilwell

27 April 2017: BigFix Patch Management with Devaughn Rackham

30 March 2017: Power Enterprise Pools with Allyn Walsh, Tracy Smith

23 February2017: Shared Storage Pools with Nigel Griffiths

26 January 2017: POWER9 with Jeff Stuecheli


8 December 2016: Open Source Tools in the AIX Toolbox with Paul Finley and David Clissold

17 November 2016: SR-IOV with Allyn Walsh and Chuck Graham


27 October 2016:- IBM® Fall Announcements with Tracy Smith


29 September 2016: Tricks of the Power Masters with Gareth Coates


18 August  2016: Simplified Remote Restart with Bob Foster


14 July 2016: Designing a PowerHA Solution with Mike Herrera


30 June 2016: SAP HANA and Power Systems with Alfred Freudenberger


2 June 2016: Linux on Power: Gaining the Competitive Edge with Gary Andrews

28 April 2016: Life in the POWER Cloud (PowerVC) with Vess Natchev

31 March 2016: Linux Performance Analysis on Power with Steve Nasypany

18 February 2016: POWER8 Microarchitecture with Earl Jew

28 January 2016: AIX Best Practices with Steve Pittman


17 December 2015: Care and Feeding of VIOS with Jaqui Lynch

17 November 2015: Fall Power Announcements with Tracy Smith

22 October 2015: AIX 7.2 with Jay Kruemcke & Dave Sheffield

24 September 2015: PowerVP with Steve Nasypany

20 August 2015: Tricks of the Masters with Gareth Coates

30 July 2015: AIX Security with Stephen Dominguez

25 June 2015: NMON with Nigel Griffiths

28 May 2015: Power Announcements with Tom Prokop

22 April 2015: Power Affinity with Earl Jew

26 March 2015:- OpenPOWER and Power Linux vs x86 Linux with Gary Andrews

26 February 2015: VIOS updates with James Nash
Presentation Materials

29 January 2015: Live Partition Mobility and the LPM Automation Tool with Bob Foster


11 December 2014: HMC V8 with Allyn Walsh & Steve Nasypany

21 November 014: PowerHA Part 2 with Shawn Bodily

13 November 2014: PowerHA Part 1 with Shawn Bodily

30 October  2014:IBM® POWER8 Announcements with Joe Armstrong

17 September 2014: Demystifying 10 Gb Ethernet Performance with Alexander Paul

28 August  2014: PowerVM Provisioning Toolkit with Mike Gregor

31 July 2014: PowerKVM Demo with Erwin Earley

26 June 2014: SRIOV with Allyn Walsh & Steve Nasypany

22 May 2014: Linux on Power with Erwin Earley, Jason Furmanek, Kurt Ruby

30 April 2014: Power 8 Server Announcements with Joe Armstrong, Mickey Sparks

27 March 2014: AIX Performance Tuning Part 2 with Jaqui Lynch

27 February 2014: AIX Performance Tuning Part 1 with Jaqui Lynch

23 January 2014: POWER8 with Jeff Stuecheli


19 December 2013: PowerVC with Nigel Griffiths
21 November 2013: Latest IBM® Announcements with Tom Prokop

31 October 2013: Dynamic Platform Optimizer with Tracy Smith

26 September 2013: Pure Systems with Joe Armstrong

24 July 2013: Shared Storage Pools with Nigel Griffiths

27 June 2013: AIX Tools with Julie Craft

23 May 2013: VIOS, LPM, NPIV iSCSI and how to make it all work with Ron Barker

4 April 2013: Monitoring and Analysis of AIX, VMM & I/O  Part III with Earl Jew

28 March 2013: Monitoring and Analysis of AIX, VMM & I/O  Part II with Earl Jew

21 March 2013: Monitoring and Analysis of AIX, VMM & I/O  Part I with Earl Jew

28 February 2013: IBM® February Announcements with Joe Armstrong

31 January 2013: Capacity Entitlement and Virtual Processors with Rosa Davidson Part II

24 January 2013: Capacity Entitlement and Virtual Processors with Rosa Davidson Part I


18 December 2012: Architecting a Power System with Tracy Smith

29 November 2012: Storage on AIX with Brian Sherman and Dan Braden

25 October 2012: IBM® October Announcements with Joe Armstrong and Tom Prokop

27 September 2012: AIX Best Practices with Steve Pittman

30 August 2012: PowerSC with Rosa Davidson

26 July 2012: Monitoring Power Systems with Ganglia with Michael Perzl

28 June 2012: Active Systems Optimizer with Nigel Griffiths

31 May 2012: Rational Took Kit for AIX with Dwayne Moore and Bill Smith

26 April 2012: IBM® April Announcements with Pat O'Rourke

29 March 2012: Cloud Computing on Power Systems with Terri Schlosser

23 February 2012: PowerHA Session 2 with Shawn Bodily and Michael Herrera

26 January 2012: PowerHA Session 1 with Shawn Bodily and Michael Herrera


15 December  2011: Shared Storage Pools with Nigel Griffiths

17 November 2011: Shared Processor Pools with James Nash

27 October 2011: New Product Announcements with Joe Armstrong

This next bunch is the Summer of Systems Director series. They are listed in reverse order (most recent to oldest).
Here are some general Systems Director links of interest (links for specific topics are under the date that topic was covered):

ISD 8: 29 September 2011: Systems Director Enterprise Edition continued with Franklin Almonte

ISD 7: 23 August 2011: Systems Director Enterprise Edition (Tivoli Extras!) with Franklin Almonte

ISD 6: 21 July 2011: Workload Partitions (WPAR) with Mehboob Mithaiwala

ISD 5: 30 June 2011: Active Energy Manager (AEM) with Bob Padzieski

ISD 4: 23 June 2011: VMControl with Glen Corneau

ISD 3: 26 May 2011: Systems Director Planning, Licensing, and Editions with Bob Padzieski

ISD 2: 19 May 2011: Systems Director Management Console (SDMC) with Chris Eisenmann

ISD 1: 12 May2011: IBM® Systems Director Overview and Basics with Mehboob Mithaiwala

END of the IBM® Systems Director Series

20 April 2011:-
Partition Creation Settings with Janel Barfield

31 March 2011: Part 2 of Advanced HMC Management Features with Allyn Walsh

24 February 2011: Advanced HMC Management Features with Allyn Walsh

27 January 2011:Power Systems I/O Update with Pat O'Rourke




16 December 2010: Ten Smarter Technologies Coming to Your Computer Room and Career with Nigel Griffiths

19 November 2010: VIOS Beyond the Basics with James Nash

28 October 2010: AIX Tuning Part III with Earl Jew

30 September 2010: AIX Tuning Part II with Earl Jew

26 August 2010: AIX 7 with Jay Kruemcke

29 July 2010: AIX Tuning with Earl Jew

23 & 24 June 2010: NIM Basics and NIM Advanced by Steve Knudson

27 May 2010: Power 7 Blades by Trina Bunting

29 April 2010: Active Memory Expansion with Nigel Griffiths

25 March 2010: VMControl with Glen Corneau

18 February 2010: POWER7 Hardware with Tom Prokop

19 February 2010: POWER7 Software with Tom Prokop

28 January 2010: Topas with Nigel Griffiths


17 December 2009: GPFS with Glen Corneau

10 December 2009: AIX 6.1 TL4 New Features with Jay Kruemcke

19 November 2009:- CEC Concurrent Maintenance with Ron Barker

29 October 2009: AIX Security with Bhargavi Reddy

24 September 2009: Solid State Disks with Dan Braden

27 August 2009: AIX Tuning for WAS with Colin Henderson

29 July 2009: PowerHA Virtual Convention

29 July 2009: PowerHA (HACMP) Introduction with Shawn Bodily

30 July 2009: PowerHA (HACMP) Deeper Dive and Tools with Shawn Bodily

31 July 2009: PowerHA (HACMP) Administration and Trouble Shooting with Shawn Bodily

25 June 2009: AIX Tuning for Oracle with Damir Rubic

26 June 2009: AIX Tuning for Sybase with Peter Barnett

28 May 2009: New feature Active Memory Sharing with Nigel Griffiths

30 April & 1 May 2009: Monitoring and Tuning AIX with Earl Jew

26 & 27 March 2009: Power Systems Micro-partitioning with Janel Barfield

5 March 2009: Continuation of Advanced Power6 Virtual I/O Configurations Overview with Janel Barfield

26 February 2009: Advanced Power6 Virtual I/O Configurations Overview with Janel Barfield

29 January 2009: Performance Management for Power with Van Sammons and Kurt Thompson


18 December 2008: N_Port ID Virtualization with Tom Prokop

20 November 2008: Advanced HMC Management with Allyn Walsh

30 October 2008: Configuring File-Backed vSCSI Devices with Janel Barefield

25 September 2008: Topas Recording

28 August  2008: Live Partition Mobility

31 July  2008: Management Edition for AIX

26 June 2008: VIOS Best Practices

30 May 2008: NMON Analyzer and Consolidator with Nigel Griffiths

29 May 2008: NMON Performance Monitor with Nigel Griffiths

25 April 2008: NIM Advanced

24 April 2008: NIM Basics

27 March 2008: Introduction to Systems Monitoring

28 February 2008: Electronic Services Agent

1 February 2008: WPAR performance management and Resource Control

31 January 2008: WPAR Manager

30 January 2008{ WPAR introduction


3 December 2007: Storage User Group: SVC Overview

29 November 2007: AIX 6.1 Technical Overview

25 October 2007: Using Workload Manager (WLM)

27 September 2007: Advanced NIM

30 August 2007: Performance Analysis & Tuning within a Virtualized Environment
Replay is no longer available
[Presentation Materials |^AIX53_Tools_2007.pdf]

26 July 2007: AIX Security

  • Replay is no longer available
  • [Presentation materials |^AIXvirtualUserGrp.pdf]

12 July 2007: Performance Analysis Tools & Capacity Planning in a Virtualized Environment

28 June 2007: High Availability Cluster Multi Processing (HACMP)

31 May 2007: IBM® Director on System p

26 April 2007: System p Firmware and Microcode Update

26 March 2007: Hardware Management Console (HMC) Advanced Topics

22 February 2007: Tips & Techniques for Running a Database on AIX

The End

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