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Nigel defined 32 "best bits" of AIX then asked many people to vote on their favourites. These are the results.


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For details of each of these AIX Best Bits see  


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AIX Best Bits List

Before the results a few observations:

Questions: How many of these features are originally in the AT&T UNIX 5.2 and 5.3 from which AIX was developed?

Answer: None of them as they are all IBM improvements.

Question: Which are long-term AIX features (i.e excluding feature introduced with AIX 6 and 7)?

Answer: Roughly half of them and many from AIX 3 which was the first to run on POWER processors.

Long term parts list

And the New Features:

new part list

And the Winners from 178 Voters with 1158 Votes cast are ...

The winners


  • Very interesting results.
  • I am proud that nmon is in the top three but that might have been a side effect of me running the Survey - we may never know.
  • Four in the top eight have been in AIX for decades (smitty, NIM, mksysb and LVM)
  • The other four have been in AIX for over 10 years! (PowerVM, nmon, DLPAR and LPM).
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Clearly, it is hard for new features to compete with the old established favourites but I think these are pretty high rankings for the new features.

Next time!! we might ask what are the favourites out of the big new features introduced in the past 5 or 10 years. I would guess PowerVC, Enterprise Pools and Live Kernel Update would be the winners but also AIX Flash Cache and Shared Storage Pools would feature strongly too.

so many great parts

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Thanks to everyone that voted.

For the record this is the vote percentages:

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