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IBM TRIRIGA Upcoming Technology Changes

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IBM TRIRIGA Upcoming Technology Changes


TRIRIGA JBoss Compatibility

As of the 3.4 IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform release, JBoss Enterprise Application Server (EAP) 5.1 is listed on the IBM TRIRIGA Application Server Compatibility Matrix. The IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform 3.4 maintains compatibility with JBoss EAP 5.1 and JBoss Community 5.1, although the Community version is no longer recommended or supported for production use with TRIRIGA by IBM. IBM is also planning to no longer maintain compatibility with JBoss EAP and Community versions in a future release of TRIRIGA, as noted in the Compatibility Matrix.   

Red Hat ended Full Support for JBoss EAP 5.1 as of November 2013 (see the 5.x line of the Life Cycle Dates section here), although Maintenance Support exists through November 2016. EAP 6.2 (which is currently not compatible for use with TRIRIGA) is Red Hat's latest JBoss version. Red Hat has also released a new version of their Community application server, called Wildfly, which is significantly different from the 5.x Community version TRIRIGA has maintained compatibility with in the past. Red Hat also does not recommend the Community edition (which they now designate as the EAP 'Alpha' version) for use in production server environments. Given the extra investment that would have been required to maintain compatibility with the Wildfly community application server version, along with the fact that Red Hat does not recommend Wildfly for production use, IBM has decided not to add Wildfly as an application server on the TRIRIGA Compatibility Matrix.

IBM TRIRIGA investigated a compatibility certification of JBoss 6.2.0 EAP, but we have found that there are very significant differences between the 5.x and 6.x platforms, both in deployment and in configuration. Those who upgrade to EAP 6.x (especially from 5.x Community to 6.x EAP) will likely encounter a significant learning curve, which makes a transition to this new application server costly beyond just subscription fees for EAP. In light of this, IBM is planning to drop compatibility with JBoss application server (EAP and Community) in a future release and suggests that customers instead consider a migration to WebSphere Application Server, licenses for which are included with IBM TRIRIGA. The benefits of using WebSphere Application Server include: 1) Enterprise-class performance, reliability, and scalability, 2) A single source of support of WebSphere Application Server through existing IBM TRIRIGA support processes, and 3) No additional licensing fees.

To aid with this transition, The IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform 3.4 installer can automatically migrate a JBoss installation of IBM TRIRIGA and its settings to a deployment on a WebSphere Application server installation (for more information, click here). Additionally, IBM TRIRIGA is planning to add support for WebSphere Liberty Profile, including the capability for the TRIRIGA platform installer to deploy both the WAS Liberty application server as well as the TRIRIGA application in a single step.  Learn more about the WebSphere Liberty Profile here.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about these plans for application server compatibility with IBM TRIRIGA. This will help us make a decision regarding continued compatibility with JBoss overall. Email either Casey Cantwell at, Ryan Koppelman at, or Paul Lacey at

For more information about Red Hat’s nomenclature changes related to the Community and EAP editions of JBoss, click here.

Brava 5.5j - End of Life - Move to Brava Enterprise 7.2 Server

IGC discontinued support for Brava 5.5j, and IBM TRIRIGA has replaced Brava 5.5j support with Brava Enterprise Server 7.2 in the IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform 3.4 release. The integration between Brava Enterprise Server 7.2 and IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform removes the dependence on an applet and provides a rich set of features with Brava's HTML5 viewer for CAD, including full cross-browser support.

To purchase or upgrade to Brava Enterprise Server 7.2, email or contact Scott Simon at IGC.  Email:   Phone: 1-602.971.6061 x122 .

Try the new vector-based HTML5 Brava client here.  Learn more about what’s new in Brava 7.2 here.


Esri Changes

IBM TRIRIGA discontinued support of ArcGIS Flex Viewer in the IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform 3.4 release. Any IBM TRIRIGA applications that are still using the ArcGIS Flex Viewer when upgrading to this release will have their GIS sections and maps updated by the platform upgrade to use the JavaScript viewer for ArcGIS (EsriJS) that was introduced in the IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform 3.3.1 release. Full details of this change are provided in the Release Notes for the release, which can be found here: IBM TRIRIGA Release Notes.

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